1 Should Canada engage in offensive military operations in foreign countries such as Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan?
2 Should the possession of marijuana be decriminalized?
3 Should there be a ban on using public funds to build stadiums for privately-owned sports leagues and teams?
4 Should the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) continue to intercept and permanently archive all private phone calls, text messages, e-mails, social media activity, and web browsing history, and share this information with the American National Security Agency and other treaty partners (UK, Australia, and New Zealand) for any purpose and with no oversight whatsoever?
5 Should Monsanto be permitted to operate in Canada?
6 Before 1974, the Bank of Canada issued interest-free loans to Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal governments. However, the government must now borrow money from, and pay interest to, private banks. In 2013/14, $61.7 billion of Canadian taxpayers' money was paid as interest on such loans. Should we should continue to pay this unnecessary interest expense that simply lines private bankers' pockets?
7 Should Canada continue to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, the details of which are secret, and which, among other dangers, would allow foreign corporations to override Canadian laws through an "investor-state dispute settlement system"?
8 Are you content with having to work (on average) 43% of the year (i.e., from January 1st to June 10th) to earn the income needed to pay the taxes the government has imposed upon you?
9 Should armed U.S. law enforcement officers continue to be allowed to operate and make arrests on Canadian soil, as per the 2011 Beyond the Border perimeter security agreement?
10 Do you agree that voting for candidates and parties, who can make promises but are under no obligation to uphold them, is the correct way to choose a government?

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